Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS is known to have great popularity over the years. It has been used by a lot of companies for marketing, promotion, and other purposes. We are known to offer smooth and accessible transactional SMS where you can send bulk SMS in a stress-free way. You can easily send transactional SMS with one click. is the leading transactional SMS provider offering services at best price in India. You can give your customers and clients with quick details on delivery status of their transaction updates, purchase, updates and others with affordable bulk SMS solution. You can get ahead with user-friendly and existing SMS in India.

The magic of promotional SMS can definitely boost your business and brings promotional bulk SMS to have quick access to bulk SMS to several users in no time. With our promotional SMS gateway, you can promote your products and services among potential clients and customers.

You can get best promotional SMS services from us and experience the whole new way to promote your business. We can give you the freedom to send your message to any part of the nation just with web connectivity through very simple steps and at very affordable price. We are well known to operate in different cities and we have our own offices.

Promotional SMS


We are the reputable bulk SMS API service providers in India to provide bulk SMS services. SMS API plays a vital role to decide the reliability and quality of SMS service. Our SMS API serves as an intermediate link connecting sender to the receiver with telecom network. We provide the best SMS gateway API services to the clients. You can settle for the best with our SMS API service and we ensure timely delivery of messages.



You can easily send bulk SMS to several users with quality assurance from the best service providers. It becomes very common to face long gaps and delays between sending messages and delivery. This way, SMS API plays a vital role in this way. It reduces the gap and makes the most of smooth service at best prices. You just have to visit our website and choose from a lot of plans available and choose the ones for your unique needs. 

So your company is having an event and you want to inform your guests about some delays in schedule or any vital information? In that case, you may want to send bulk voice call by broadcasting to a group. You may not want to pay a lot for text and send thousands of messages every day. With us, you can send bulk voice call at best prices. Whether it’s promotional or transactional or business or marketing SMS, it is very affordable and user-friendly. You just have to create profile and add all numbers or save all the contacts and choose any package for your needs.


Bulk voice calls are nothing but pre-recorded messages to landline or mobile networks across India. Businesses can definitely improve their position in their market with voice call services. Bulk voice calls help us to convey your message to customers by calling their landline or mobile numbers in any part of the country. We can send pre-recorded voice message with user-friendly interface at very reasonable prices. We can help improve your business with voice calls. You can easily share your details to customers or clients or any group. Bulk voice calls can help operating cost and complete the work in time. Here are some of the benefits of bulk voice calls –

  • Faster delivery
  • No setup cost, no hidden charges, no monthly fees
  • Unlimited validity
  • Dynamic messaging
  • Schedule message delivery
  • Software integration

Bulk Voice Call Service


One Time Password or OTP is an authentication process used by companies, banks, and organizations which use online payments where password is sent to the mobile number which is registered. The password is valid which means it cannot be used for extended period of time. It is just for one transaction and it is more secure to the transactions.

As technology is growing these days, there is significant rise of online transactions and internet banking.

There is a certain risk involved with online payment. This way, OTP can help avoid that risk and increase safety of transaction. Once the authentication is done, your transaction will be finished in seconds. OTP is also known as 2-factor authentication. OTP SMS really helps in avoiding fraudulent activities and it is a great solution to all illegal activities like keyboard logging and phishing. It is widely used by ecommerce portals, banks, and payment gateways.

With TextSMSAlert, you can easily send OTP SMS to your clients. Our gateway gives added layer of security to the transactions. You can also opt for OTP API integration. We are your leading and trusted OTP partner. Our plans cater to unique needs of every user and we believe in great transparency. You can easily sign up today and get the benefits of bulk SMS to the clients. We provide great technology so you can easily send bulk SMS. There are several functionalities that are designed well for the users.

At Text SMS Alert, our team specializes in web design and development of the websites. We always strive to make user interface of websites even more efficient to make user experience as amazing as possible. We also offer Pay Per Click (PPC) and SEO optimization for customers. This way, their websites can easily be visited by customers easily. This service is accompanied by reports which can analyze valuable metrics which have strategic plan to sustain growth. We provide great social media solutions to improve online presence of clients. 

Website Designing

SEO Services

As a sustained strategy of digital marketing, SEO is basically employed by medium scaled businesses and enterprises. SEO is usually overlooked by small businesses on large scale.  SEO is often considered an expense and it leads to lose out a lot of prospects. But SEO is still having great popularity among small and medium businesses and it is going to create great impact on overall strategy of the company.



At Text SMS Alert, we are excelled in designing complete SEO campaigns. From link building to content and code optimization, we have all the major elements to incorporate in our campaign to improve user experience and search visibility. We can provide the best SEO campaign that can improve website ranking on several search engines. Every SEO strategy gives priority of high search engine positions. If it is implemented well, SEO strategy can equip the agency or company with competitive edge in the digital era. We are proud to design result-oriented strategy in the most competitive environments. 

We are the leading bulk WhatsApp marketing service providers in India. We provide national WhatsApp marketing and we ensure proper communication with the customers no matter where they are with just one click. We are known to provide the best bulk text, images, videos and audio. We are the best digital marketing service providers to ensure maximum message delivery in the specific time frame. We have redundant servers for instant delivery of WhatsApp messages.


With our WhatsApp Marketing software or service, we have been offering innovative messaging services over the world. Our WhatsApp marketing package is packed with all the features which are available in industry. You just have to pay for messages that are sent to only WhatsApp devices and save your money on numbers without even knowing if number is enabled on WhatsApp or not. We also have WhatsApp filtering solution to separate active WhatsApp contacts from others.


Are you going to start and grow your business as reseller or working as the one to sell WhatsApp messages? It is the right time to join us for WhatsApp marketing services. You can easily opt for bulk promotions at very affordable rate and resell the same to unlimited users and earn great profit. You really don’t have to worry about software or channels to run your campaign. You also don’t need any technical knowhow. So, there is no headache of having a team to manage and run the campaigns. We are known to offer user-friendly and web-based panel to keep track on campaigns.

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing

Election Promotion Service

Since the dates of elections are announced, it’s time for the candidates to connect with voters of their constituency and promote their achievements over the past five years. This way, we provide the affordable election promotion service for both direct candidates and resellers who want to promote their campaigns through social media. More than 80% of voters use smartphones these days. This way, you can easily connect more with ease with the voters through videos and images. When election dates have been declared, it is best for freelancers to join us to earn money.  This way, we are going to care for all your campaigns which are managed and run without any expenses.

We provide highly efficient and proven Customer Relationship Management solutions to various schools, colleges and educational institutes. We are well known to provide round the clock support to our clients. We can provide low-cost and secured solutions with web-based and online platforms. We have extensive CRM software all covered in one solution. It is also bundled with SMS service to keep the students and their parents informed about upcoming events and policies.

School CRM Software